The Healing Yoga Program

*Do I need experience to practice Yoga? - No experience is necessary.
All of our Yoga classes are geared for beginner students and no experience is necessary...we will guide through the poses.

*What do I need to wear? - Yoga pants or sweat pants. A tank top or t shirt that is not too loose or baggy. If the shirt is too loose or baggy it tends to get in your way. We practice yoga barefoot, wearing socks tends to make you slide making it difficult to do the poses

*Do I have to bring my own yoga mat? - No. We have yoga mats available for you to borrow free of charge. You are also welcome to bring your own yoga mat.

*Where do I keep my personal items during class? - We have cubbies that are located in the room where the classes are held. You are able to keep purse, keys, etc. here safe and in your sight.

*What can I expect? - Each Yoga class has a slightly different focus, depending on the type of yoga. All classes will be Beginner friendly, and the instructor is happy to offer adjustments and accommodations for any level.

The Movement Arts Collective offers the only comprehensive Healing Yoga Program in our area. Designed by Tara Phillips, a 500-hr Certified Yoga Instructor and Licensed Social Worker, our Healing Yoga Program offers classes designed specifically to help clients heal from traumatic or stressful life events through a supportive, therapeutic approach. Whether you are healing from surgery, injury, body image issues, pregnancy, birth or other life events, our yoga classes will guide down the path to feeling whole and strong in your body again. Our Healing Yoga Series will focus on a particular topic each session, to address a very specific need. You can find the descriptions of all of our Healing Yoga classes below.

Healing Yoga Series
This 6-week series will focus on using yoga as a pathway to healing. Topic changes each session. Examples of Healing topics include Stress Management, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Body Image, Injury & Surgery, etc. ​

Gentle Yin/ Restorative
A gentle  Yin class and with a stronger focus on restorative poses. This class is great for those recovering from injury, seniors or those just in a need a gentle stress reducing class.

Gentle Flow Yoga
An all levels class that gives mindful attention to alignment of poses and flow of breath. Using a vinyasa or down dog to transition between poses. The class has a slower pace and is well suited for beginners as well as the experienced who wants to slow meditative movement.

YOUR Yoga Body - Chair Yoga
A class designed specifically for accommodating YOUR body. Poses can modified to suit your body's needs, shape, and ability. Poses are done either seated, or using a chair for added stability.  Very Beginner friendly.

Amy’s teaching revolves around giving each student the tools to work with where they are in life, by helping them to see their strengths and encouraging them to utilize that energy for continued progress. Amy brings a focus of alignment to her classes to facilitate healing both mentally and physically. Having suffered from depression and been fortunate enough to lose 75lbs since beginning her yoga journey, Amy believes that yoga can truly be for everybody.

Amy’s most recent training completed in the fall of 2013 with Joe Taft and Diedre Smith-Gilmer deepened her awareness and love of anatomy inspiring her to return to school to study Physical Therapy. Bringing elements of therapy in to the class room helps students connect to their bodies in new ways and creates an understanding that emotional healing can happen on a physical level as well as in the mind.

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"Becoming a MAC yoga student has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself. The studio is filled with positive energy and an atmosphere conducive to well being. Amy Bockmon's yoga classes have been great for my mind, body, and spirit. She is always open to questions and has a great sense of humor which makes the classes fun. And although we all want to master the poses, Amy has taught me that yoga is more about mastering the art of learning and loving myself. I always leave better than I came. I would recommend MAC a thousand times over."      _Canessa, MAC Yoga student, 6 months

Amy Bockmon, E-RYT 200

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