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SkirtProv™ Bellydance is an original improv format created and developed by Stacey Nolan, and The Emerald Hips Student Troupe. Click here for more info! 

About Our Bellydance Classes

Bellydance Class FAQ's

Lisa Jordan

Do I need previous dance experience to take Bellydance classes? - Absolutely not! Our Beginner classes are specifically designed for those with little or no dance background. We start literally from Step One. Many of our students came to us with no experience and have enjoyed and excelled in our classes. Bellydance is a very accessible dance form that compliments all ages and all body types. The only things you need to learn to bellydance are a pair hips and an open mind. Bellydance might just change your life!

What can I expect when I come to class?
- You will find a large, comfortable studio and an inviting instructor. The class will begin with a gentle, yoga-based warm-up. Then you will learn basic isolations and drills, followed by a break-down of basic bellydance steps and combinations. The class will end with a short cool down. The instructor may correct your posture or technique at some point, but know that is only to help you improve your dance, or do it in a safer way to avoid injuries.

What should I wear to class? - It is important that you wear clothes that are comfortable and in which you can move around easily. Some of the warm-up may include sitting and stretching on the floor, so be prepared with appropriate clothing. Most people wear tank tops and yoga/cotton pants to class. For Beginners, we provide hips scarves for you to borrow during class for that extra little sparkle!

Do I have to show my belly? - No! showing your belly is not expected, but it is always welcome when you feel comfortable.

When do I get to perform? - The studio hosts several student showcases each year where our Level 2 or higher students can perform a choreography learned in class. Since bellydance is a complex and challenging artform, it is not recommended that Beginners perform, as it takes time and dedication to make your newly learned skills stage-ready.

Do I HAVE to perform? - You never HAVE to perform. When students get to the appropriate level, they may be given the opportunity to perform, but it is always your choice.

Is childcare provided at the MAC studio? - Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare at this time.

Can I bring a friend to class with me to observe? - Female friends and family members are always welcome! We are always excited about the opportunity to share our dance with other women! Please refrain from bringing male companions to observe classes, as it may make other students uncomfortable.

Are your classes only for women? - Our bellydance classes are open to anyone truly seeking to learn this art form, regardless of gender or identity.

Will I get a "6-pack" from doing bellydance? - The classes that we teach are based in dance technique. While you will get an intense workout, the classes are designed to teach you how to dance. The workout is an added bonus! And as for the "6-pack"; just like any other physical activity, the more you do it, the more you will see benefits. Bellydance tends to sculpt the body into its natural feminine shape, working with your body's natural form, instead of against it.

What if I miss my regular class, or classes are cancelled that day? - If you cannot attend your regular class time, you are welcome to attend another bellydance or yoga class as a make-up, during that same session. Make-ups do not carry over into another session.  If classes are unexpectedly cancelled due to illness or a holiday, MAC will either schedule a make-up class, or offer a studio credit. Please feel free to contact the Directors with further questions or concerns.

SkirtProv™ Bellydance

Lisa has been studying bellydance since the 90's, and began studying fusion bellydance with Stacey in 2007. She joined Emerald Hips Bellydance in 2008 and began teaching at MAC studio in 2017. Lisa's upbeat personality and contagious smile will inspire you to get your hips moving and discover your inner shimmy! 

Sara has been a dedicated MAC student since 2015, and joined Emerald Hips in 2016. With her background in Theater and training experience, she's natural as a bellydance instructor! Sara's body positive disposition will help you discover your inner shimmy and feel good about moving in your own skin! 

Our Instructors

Beginner Bellydance (Lvl 1)
This class is designed for those with little or no dance experience. This class leads students from basic position, through beginner steps and ​​​​​​​​​​basic combos.

Strengthen & Shimmy (Lvl 1+)
This is an all-levels bellydance class that combines dance drills with yoga-based strengthening, conditioning and stretching to help support and expand your dance practice!

Intermediate Bellydance (Lvl 2)
This class is for those with at least one session of Beginner Bellydance. Focuses on variations of and transitions between basic beginner moves.

Advanced Bellydance (Lvl 3)

This intermediate - advanced class combines isolation, layering and bellydance steps to create new and interesting dance combos. It will also includes the use of props.  

Bellydance SkirtProv™ 

SkirtProv™ is an original form of Bellydance group improv created exclusively by Stacey Nolan. Learn simple  and beautiful skirt technique within a unique improvisational format. *25 yard skirt required.