Stacey Nolan and Tara Phillips met in 2005, while attending an educational Master's program. Tara was leaving the field of Social Work for Education, and Stacey had a background in Marketing. After realizing they went to the same high school, the two became fast friends. Stacey was a new Bellydance instructor at the time, and Tara an avid practitioner of yoga. They both taught in the public school system for several years before having their children. By 20012, the two had left their teaching positions and Tara was just finishing up her 200 hour Yoga Certification. Stacey had been teaching bellydance for several years and had an established student troupe, of which Tara was a part. So one evening after dance class, the idea of opening a studio together came up. Stacey had wanted to for years, and Tara thought yoga and bellydance were a perfect match! So they joined forces and set out to find a space. Little did they know, they would come upon the perfect place in the heart of Red Bank just a couple weeks later. Too good to pass up, they signed a lease immediately and started renovating! And renovating! and MORE renovating, with the help and skills of Tara's father.  It took an entire month to transform an old, musty, outdated, 50 year old storefront into a peaceful, welcoming movement studio. But the work wasn't over yet! Only 3 months after their grand opening, a diluge of rain brought in flood waters, ruining their brand new floors! And after a two -week closing, they were able to open their doors once more to offer movement classes to the community. And now going on their fourth year in business, the pair are still dedicated to creating a welcoming space to everyone that walks through their doors.

Tara Phillips

Yoga Director

LMSW - Master's in Social Work

M. Ed. - Special Education

RYT 300

Movement Arts Collective is a movement studio dedicated to welcoming all bodies. No matter where you are on your movement journey, our classes can help you get where you want to go. Specializing in beginners, our instructors are highly-trained to lead you through movements appropriate for your body and your abilities. No matter what kind of body you have, we're here to help you feel better moving in it!

With a diverse collection of education and training, our instructors bring decades of experience working with people in various types of educational settings. 

Movement is life and finding the movement that is right for you can transform your relationship with your self and your body.

Frances Estela, RYT 200

Frances is a master’s level social worker, yoga teacher, Zumba, and Hot Hula Fitness instructor. She loves taking classes, teaching them, and ultimately empowering others to love. Frances believes that love is an action and when we practice it towards ourselves we are better equipped to serve others. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing others achieve what they thought their bodies couldn't do. You can find her on FaceBook, Instagram, & Twitter @FrancesEstela

Stacey Nolan

Bellydance Director

B.S. - Public Relations Minors: Vocal Music  & Spanish

M. Ed.  - Master's in Secondary Education

"Tara is a patient, caring and knowledgeable yoga instructor. She takes the time to get to know her students and their individual issues or concerns. She does an excellent job of tailoring her instruction to fit her clients' needs and goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. I highly recommend any class she teaches and believe she enriches the lives of those who know her."

-Leanne, MAC student, 2.5 years

“I started dance at a crossroads in my life. I didn’t know who I was but was certain I wasn’t enough. The sisterhood I have found in bellydance has connected me to my soul. To discover who I am as a woman and accept myself for who I am. Under Stacey’s wing, she has taught me to find my inner superhero. Through these women I have learned the beauty of the sisterhood. True love. True friendship.

And the true me.”

-MAC Bellydance student, Emerald Hips Troupe member, 4 years